Marvel Studios' new offering 'Thor: Love and Thunder' brings the story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the 29th film.

The relationship between cinema and literature is old and unbreakable. Marvel Studios owner Kevin Feige dreamed of bringing the world of comics popular, especially to children and adults alike, on screen.

The film 'Thor: Love and Thunder' is a very strange film. To understand in a simple way, then understand in this way that if an artist like Govinda or Varun Dhawan is made a superhero and their natural habits are not changed, like that.

The journey that Chris Hemsworth, who plays this character, has taken along with this character over the past 11 years, has an impact on both. Chris Hemsworth has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe eight times playing Thor so far.

The film 'Thor: Love and Thunder' is his fourth film as a solo hero. Where Thor was very arrogant and temperamental in the early stages,

Thor was a special part of the films of the 'Avengers' series, when the prospects and apprehensions about the character's next solo film started swirling in the minds of MCU fans when Thor left his work with the Guardians of the Galaxy after the blip.

On shooting, he arrives with a fixed script but also gives full freedom to his actors to do it according to their own. How important is discipline in creation, it can be understood by watching this film.

Thor: Love and Thunder' takes it to a place where a priest of God turns against God to avenge his personal loss.

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