Stranger Things Season 4 Final Viewership Comes Within Less Than 300M Hours

This past week, Stranger Things gained a few more tens of millions of viewing hours to its Season 4 total.

The total number of viewing hours for the new season (Volumes 1 and 2 combined) in the first 28 days of release

More than twice as many hours were registered by the second-highest watched season of an English-language series on the streaming service

After Stranger Things 4 Vol.1 had been available for a few weeks, it was obvious that Squid Game's record of 1.650 billion hours seen

Within 298M hours of the total for the Korean drama phenomenon, Stranger Things 4 reached the closest that anybody has been able achieve.

For the week of July 25, romantic drama Virgin River held onto the top spot among English-language series

Another Korean breakout, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, was back to #1 on the non-English side with 65.5M hours for the week

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