Corona unbridled in Russia! More than 1000 deaths in 24 hours, offices closed

Story Highlights

  • Putin blames slow vaccination for increasing cases of corona
  • Putin came into action after the death of 1028 people in one day
  • Putin appealed to get the vaccine

The havoc of Corona virus is increasing rapidly in Russia. 1024 people died here in the last 24 hours. To reduce the infection of Corona, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a one-week paid leave for employees. Not only this, he has appealed to the people to get the vaccine, showing responsibility.

Putin has approved the government’s plan to declare one week of paid leave across the country from 30 October. Putin said, its main purpose is to protect the life and health of the people.

35% of people in Russia are fully vaccinated

Putin blamed the slow pace of vaccination for the increasing cases of corona. Despite the availability of the Sputnik V vaccine in Russia, only 35% of people have been fully vaccinated. In such a situation, the cases of corona have increased rapidly here in the last weeks.

Putin said he was surprised that so many people are refusing to get the Russian vaccine, including his close friends. He said, it is strange, people are educated, they have scientific degrees. I don’t understand why this is happening?

show responsibility citizens

Putin is constantly appealing to people to take the corona vaccine. On Wednesday, he once again appealed to the citizens to take the vaccine. Putin asked people to show responsibility.

On Wednesday, 34000 new cases of corona came in Russia. So far 226,353 people have died here. This is the highest of any country in Europe. The Russian administration has been accused of showing less case. In such a situation, Putin asked regional officials not to under-report the number of corona cases. He called it dangerous.


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